Hello! I'm Jack MS.

I'm a product designer, researcher, and strategist making meaningful digital experiences that help people.


I am driven to solve hard problems. My practice is grounded in the exercise of striking balance: between the creative and the practical, the process and the practice. I believe the ability to make a real impact comes from a place of compromise where all sides of the equation are considered and accommodated.

I have gained valuable experience across many industries and companies, ranging from established products organizations to early stage start-ups. My work encompasses product development, user research, brand positioning, design process, interaction/animation, design systems, and front-end development. I believe nothing that I create is precious, so I am always seeking out new skills and information to discover a better approach.


Senior UX Designer

ZoCo Design

At ZoCo, I collaborate with my clients and my team by advocating for people-centered practices to lead the problem-solving process.


I’m a designer by profession, but I also tinker with programming and music production on the side.

I’ve studied Spanish for 12+ years. Although I’m out of practice, I can still read and write it pretty well! One of my life goals is to achieve fluency.

I collect house plants. It’s so fulfilling to take care of them and watch grow. I have over 50 in my one-bedroom apartment.


Product Design & Systems Thinking

User Experience & Interface Design

UX Research & User Interviews

Workshop & Ideation Facilitation

Product Services

UX/UI Design & Architecture

Design Systems

Software & Mobile Apps

Usability Testing & UX Audits

Research Services

Evaluative & Generative Research

User Journeys & Service Maps

Customer Interviews

Qualitative Analysis

Brand Services

Logos & Brand Identity

Responsive Website Design

Visual Design & Direction

Copy & Content Outlines